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It is a common belief among women that you should not wear any makeup to the gym. For sure you should not apply piles of makeup when you are working-out but yes, a little bit won’t hurt.


More so, if it gives you an inner confidence of looking good even during workout, then even your workout will turn out to be more productive.


So here are few tips on how to use your make up that does not interfere with your workout.


Tip 1: Getting oil free is the most important thing while wearing makeup, especially during workout. Oil free moisturizer is a good way to start your make up as it won’t clog your pores while sweating in the gym.


Tip 2: Use a waterproof concealer and light weight foundation to even out the skin and imperfections. It is important to use a moisture base foundation as it is easily absorbed in the skin. Do not use heavy foundation or make up base primer that will come out when you will sweat.


Tip 3: Use a water proof eye liner and mascara; avoid using eye shadows. A thin and very fine application of smudge proof liner on your upper eyelid will do the charm. It is better to avoid deep dramatic eye look while hitting the gym. Keep is simple and natural.


Tip 4: Use a very light shade of long stay lip color, light pink or nude shade will be best. You can also add drama to your look by using long stay ultra shine stain as well.  Both lip and cheek stains are available in lighter shades and as they are long stay and smudge proof they can easily be carried to workouts. More over such stains are non sticky or greasy and gives a matte finish and is very light to wear.


One thing to always remember is that, gym is for working out both on your body as well as building your self confidence, so if a little touch up gives you a good start it’s absolutely harmless.


As they say; it all starts with you, if you feel good in makeup give yourself a light touch up and if you do not need it, better stay with your natural looks.


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